Conair Model 180519070 Resin Drying Hopper, 1500 lb

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Conair 180519070 Resin Material Dryer and Drying Hopper

Conair resin drying hopper; insulated wall (double wall); level sensors (untested); approx 1500 lb capacity; 123 inch total height, 77 inch measured along straight wall, 41 inch in diameter, inlet and outlet are 5 inch in diameter, hole in top is 13 inch in diameter, take off on vacuum box is 2 inch in diameter, support legs measure 4 foot square at outside, bolt pattern where vacuum box attaches is 8 bolts on 10 inch diameter circle. Distance between floor and bottom of vacuum box is 1.5 inch and distance with box removed from floor to mounting flange is 14.5 inch. Model 180519070.  No air distribution pipe or cone installed.

Hopper Model 0-18051907
Hopper Size 1500lb.


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