Krauss Maffei Used 850-4300 MX Injection Molding Machine, 850 US ton, Yr 2013, 1647g/58.1 oz PS

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Krauss Maffei
Krauss Maffei Used 850-4300MX Injection Molding Machine, 850 US ton, Yr 2013,

Extended Tie Bar equipped for Stack Molds
Electric Screw Motor for independent operation and faster recovery
Two Kuka Six Axis Extraction Robots and Auto Tool Change System Available Also

Controller MC5
Screw Diameter 80 mm / 1647 g / 58.1 oz PS
Shot  1647 g/58.1 oz PS
Tie Bar Spacing 1120 x 1120 mm / 44 x 44 in
Tonnage 850 ton
Voltage 460V

Machine equipped to run stack mold including mold carrier, min daylight 1.5m. Bolster plate to reduce daylight to 950mm can be purchased separately.

Equipped with:
Hydraulic ejector system
96 zone hot runner controller
Six (6) Pneumatic valve gate control
Shut off nozzle
Eight (8) core pull, four moving, four fixed sides
Two (2) Air blow, one moving, one fixed side
Wear resistant screw and barrel

Total production hours approx 22,000

Rigging responsibility of buyer.


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