MGS Used Portable Injection Unit, Rotating Platen, Hydraulic Power Pack, Yr 2007, 150 ton machine range

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MGS Used Portable Injection Molding Machine, Rotating Platen, and Hydraulic Power Pack, Yr. 2007, 150 ton machine range

Injection Unit
MGS SN 104936-01
Fully hydraulic
screw diameter is 12mm with 8mm plunger

Specs UMS-10M System Specs
Plastic injection pressure 26,250 psi
shot volume 0.153 cu in / 2.513 cc / 2.513 gram / 0.089 oz
System injection pressure 1200 psi

Rotating Platen
UMS 650 mm Hydro Thin Assembly
650mm rotary platen, hydraulic motor
weight 1,000 lb
shut height 4.750 inches
two independent water circuits
indexing o to 180; then 180 to 0

Hydraulic Power Pack
Details to follow

injection unit originally sold for horizontal injection. Unit can operate in vertical position.

Equipped with:  hydraulic power pack, controller

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