TempEase Hot Runner Controllers

November 1st, 2022

Control your Temp with Ease with ZAG’s TempEase Hot Runner Controllers! Available in 5,8, and 12 zones, we are proud to assist. Standard features include self-diagnostics, mold memory, leak detection and injection press connectivity for I/O functions, among others.

These innovative Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems offer you a solution that is compatible with most other plug-in module style systems, plus the benefit of some of the best pricing anywhere. We also know you will appreciate the many advanced features this fully automatic, self-tuning system has to offer.

Consistent temperature control can improve part quality and reduce scrap. Hot Runner Controllers provide dependable temperature control for runnerless/sprueless injection molds, machine nozzles, hot sprue bushings, or any other application requiring thermocouples to monitor temperature.

TempEase is stocked in all popular mainframe sizes from self-contained 5 zone portable units through 12-zone mainframe units.

Head to zagequipment.com to learn more or give us a call at 888-845-6395.