Van Dorn Demag Caliber 500 ton, 40.3 oz, yr 2004

October 18th, 2022

ZAG has an incredible variety of both new and used equipment. Quality 500 ton machines are hard to find! Check out our Van Dorn Demag Caliber 500 ton, 40.3 oz, yr 2004. Give us a call or email to get more info at and 888-845-6395.


Manufacturer Van Dorn Demag
Year 2004
Model 500CC1920
Voltage 460V
Shot Size 40.3 oz.
Clamping Force 500 US Ton
Tie Bar Spacing 36.4″ x 36.4″
Injection capacity: 74 cu. in.
Controller: NC5 VDU
Injection pressure: 22,916 PSI
Screw diameter: 70 mm
Clamp style: Two Platen
Platen size: 51.1″ x 51.1″
Daylight: 62.9″
Clamp stroke: 51.1″
Min mold height: 11.8″
Max mold height: 34.2″-Hydraulic knockouts
-Core pull circuit
-Dual air blow
-SPI Interface
-10 Hydraulic valve gate manifold

Approx. 25.7′ x 7.4′ x 8.7′