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ZAG Consulting Services strives to improve our customers’ profitability by solving today’s challenging manufacturing headaches. Our team of plastics professionals, with decades of experience in all facets of plastics manufacturing – training, mold design, equipment and resin selection, process improvement, manufacturing support, and more – delivers solutions resulting in measurable production and process improvements. From training process technicians to solving complex organizational challenges, ZAG Consulting Services offers industry expertise helping our customers achieve their goals.

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Process Improvement
• Machine Selection
• Material Handling Instruction
• Mold Set Up Instruction
• Process Improvement
• Cycle Time Reduction
• Instrumented Molding Implementation
• Machine Testing and Assessment

Manufacturing Support
• Project Management
• Manufacturing Cell Layout
• Lean Manufacturing
• 5S Methodology
• Failure Investigation
• Corrective Action

• Validation
• Tool Launch
• Tool transfer
• Process Development
• Design of Experiments (DOE)
• Qualifications - 1Q, OQ, PQ

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We can help you:

• Train Process Tech
• Reduce Cycle Times
• Process Development & Mold Acceptance
• Improve Part Quality

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Our Industry Expert, Marty Key

With over 20 years of injection molding, consulting and training experience, Marty Key helps customers improve molding operations and profitability. Offering a range of consulting services, Marty delivers proven solutions from eliminating processing headaches to solving organizational challenges.

Marty's extensive expertise and unique technical skills result in measurable manufacturing improvements.
• Training
• Part Validation
• Mold/Plant Design Review
• Process Improvement
• Manufacturing Support
• Quality Systems

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