Field Maintenance

Benefit from ZAG's Extensive Plastics Industry Experience

Our Services Improve Customer’s Efficiency and Profitability

ZAG offers onsite, hands-on technical service, start-up and installation services, including rigging, process consulting, repair, preventive maintenance, and emergency response. Contact ZAG for more information.

Automation and Robotics Application
• Automation applications and integrations
• EOAT (End of Arm Tooling)
• Robot programming
Process Improvement and Setup
• Post molding, finishing, part handling
Equipment Troubleshooting
• Tooling, repairs to auxiliary equipment, valve gates

Operator Training
• Installation, daily operations, preventative maintenance
Equipment and Installation Assistance
• Coordination between rigger and freight
• Equipment placement and setup
• Setup, installation, and troubleshooting auxiliary equipment
Preventative Maintenance
• Injection molding machines
• Auxiliary equipment: dryers, granulators, & TCUs
• Servo robots & sprue pickers
• Extruders
• Barrel & screw inspections

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Appraisals, Asset Management, Auctions & Liquidations

Appraisals & Asset Management
Allow one of ZAG’s experienced appraisers to aid your company in assessing the value of your assets. With years of plastics industry experience, ZAG understands the fast-changing market for used plastics manufacturing equipment. Reach out to ZAG to start the conversation.

Auctions & Liquidations
Selling your manufacturing equipment can be confusing if you are new to the process. ZAG will walk you through the steps to establish value, identify your goals and discuss the most effective strategy to liquidate your equipment.

If time is not an issue, we will market your equipment to maximize your return. If you need the equipment out of your plant quickly, we use a variety of tools to reach end users who will buy directly off your floor. Or we will buy and ship the equipment to our Gibsonville, NC facility.

Work with ZAG to liquidate all or part of your manufacturing equipment. Join our network of preferred auction partners to quickly and easily turn your equipment assets into cash.

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Consignment & Warehousing, Online Video Inspections

Consignment & Warehousing
Do you need to move out your equipment quickly and want to maximize the sales value? Or if you have unique equipment, send your equipment to our Gibsonville, NC facility. We will store, inventory, market and sell your equipment from our warehouse. You retain ownership, we do all the work. You receive high sales value when equipment is sold.

Online Video Inspections
Inspecting your used equipment before completing a purchase is an important step in ensuring you select the right item. ZAG offers remote video inspections when visiting in person is not possible. Traveling to inspect equipment can be expensive and time consuming. ZAG will connect with you remotely to allow you to inspect equipment quickly and easily.

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