Injection Molding Process Training

Injection Molding Process Training

ZAG Equipment Sales is proud to host training on-site. Our 'Injection Molding Process Training' is held here at our facility in Gibsonville, NC by our Industry Expert, Marty Key.

We Offer Three Classes:
Introductory - Elements of Injection Molding
Intermediate - Principle Concepts of Injection Molding
Advanced - Process Development Class

Each class is approximately $2200 for three full days, and includes both a hands-on and classroom learning experience, and will prepare you for a career in Injection Molding. Secure your spot for our next class today!

2024 Upcoming Classes:
Jan 23-25 - Elements of Injection Molding (Introductory Class)
March 5-7 - Class Type TBD
April 16-18 - Class Type TBD
Jun 11-13 - Class Type TBD

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Class Summaries

View Class Outlines below. The class is 60% hands-on, 40% in a classroom setting. Contact us for more information or any questions.

View Injection Molding Elements Class Outline - Introductory Class

View Principle Concepts of Injection Molding Class Outline - Intermediate Class

View Process Development Class Outline - Advanced Class

More About Our Industry Expert, Marty Key

With over 20 years of injection molding, consulting and training experience, Marty Key helps customers improve molding operations and profitability. Offering a range of consulting services, Marty delivers proven solutions from eliminating processing headaches to solving organizational challenges.

Marty's extensive expertise and unique technical skills result in measurable manufacturing improvements.
• Training
• Part Validation
• Mold/Plant Design Review
• Process Improvement
• Manufacturing Support
• Quality Systems

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