The C-Frame allows a Cube Mold to run in a standard press/IMM.

May 3rd, 2023

Watch Plasdan’s video linked HERE to learn more or give us a call at (888) 845-6395. ZAG offers Plasdan’s full selection of injection units and rotary tables. 

The C-Frame construction often enables the relocation of the system to another compatible press/IMM.

The C- Frame is a support system for a rotary cube mould that allows the central block of the cube to rotate through either 90º or 180º depending on requirements, transferring the previously injected parts from one processing station to another. This rotation can be achieved through either a vertical or horizontal axis. The philosophy behind this concept is to allow for simultaneous operations during the cycle, thereby obtaining very low cycle times in a standard injection moulding machine. More specifically, the cooling and the injection of the part can occur simultaneously with the injection of the various components.

The opening / closing movement of the mould also allows for simultaneous rotation of the cube mould, saving cycle time due to these parallel movements. The C-frame is fixed to one of the mould halves and if need be can be reinforced with additional supports.

This allows the system to travel with the mould and relocate to any other global site as long as the IMM is compatible. This is what we designate as the “Nomad Concept” and we try to implement as often as possible.

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