ColorSave Gravimetric Feeders | Quality New Equipment That Ships FAST with ZAG!

June 8th, 2023

ColorSave is the FIRST gravimetric color and additive feeder for the fast-growing injection molding industry. ColorSave enables accurate dosing and consistent metering down to a single pellet.


  • 1000 Feeder – The ONLY gravimetric feature that offers Smart-Clean automatic quick purging between runs
  • DualSave Feeder – A dosing system able to regulate two feeders connected to the same neckpiece with a single control unit.
  • Microfeeder – The world’s first small dose gravimetric feeder.


  • Upgrade your molding machine with new digital flow regulator and improve your productivity.
  • Connect up to 4 manifolds to the touch screen in order to monitor up to 48 separate cooling circuits.
  • Use the alarm limits (and output) on flow and temperature to control the process stability and part quality.

Evolve your standard injection molding machine into a multi-shot capable machine.

High-tech industries, such as medical, electronics and packaging, are increasing the complexity of parts requiring multi component solutions; add-on injection units are the perfect answer to provide these solutions.