Control your Temp with EASE

February 28th, 2024

ZAG’s innovative TempEase Hot Runner Controllers are precise, easy to use and economical. All TempEase modules are compatible with industry standard plug-in module style systems, offer long-life durability, and provide great value.

5, 8, & 12 Zones Available. These innovative Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems offer you a solution that is compatible with most other plug-in module style systems, plus the benefit of some of the best pricing anywhere. We also know you will appreciate the many advanced features this fully automatic, self-tuning system has to offer.

Consistent temperature control can improve part quality and reduce scrap. Hot Runner Controllers provide dependable temperature control for runnerless/sprueless injection molds, machine nozzles, hot sprue bushings, or any other application requiring thermocouples to monitor temperature.

TempEase is stocked in all popular mainframe sizes from self-contained 5 zone portable units through 48-zone mainframe units. Contact us to learn more at

TempEase Hot Runner Controllers